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Call Of Sea PV


Subway postscoring version

Subway postscor…

Rainytown postscoring version

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Rainy town After Effects test1

雨の商店街、Trapcode …

割れた窓 Broken windows

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I was born in Osaka .I graduated from the department
of information design, Kobe University of Art and
Design. After working at a company of game software
production, I am now working as an independent digital artist.

freelance digital artist/3d modelig.2d illustration. Animation.

Concepts of character and background, etc. Illustration. Modeling. Movie making. Motion. Advertisement and DTP.

I hope the inquiries of working request, estimate, and consultation, etc. from mail.

フリーランスCGアーティスト(2000~)です。都内在住。3Dモデルからムービー、2Dイラスト等の仕事に携わっています。自主アニメ制作中。 freelance digital artist/3d modeling.2d illustration. Animation.