Rainy Street

the GIFs 2019 | Adobe x GIFMAGAZINE GIF animation contest! I got the adobe award again this year. Many thanks!!.

the GIFs 2019 | Adobe x GIFMAGAZINE GIFアニメコンテスト、Adobe賞頂きました。



Encounter 遭遇

Finally she encountered her.
Animation of my project under development.

zbrushcentral.com Gallery Top Row and Pixologic HomePage Top Imagepixologic.com/

Software Used / Zbrush 3dsmax Ornatrix Vray AfterEffects
Sculpt, wrinkles of the skin, hair (FiberMesh) used Zbrush.
Animation in Ornatrix.Rendered in 3dsmax Vray.

go see

the GIFs 2018 | Adobe x GIFMAGAZINE GIF animation contest!
This is the Adobe Award winning.

“go see”
year-end, last year … at last.

She is expecting. To meet the person she was looking for.


the GIFs 2018 | Adobe x GIFMAGAZINE GIFアニメコンテスト、Adobe賞頂きました!

I received the Adobe Award in the GIFs 2018 | Adobe x GIFMAGAZINE GIF animation contest!

Red Mantle Knight

Character illustrations in the 3dtotal gallery “Red Mantle Knight” were approved and posted! Following the 3D work “Church Girl”, I am glad that the 2D concept was also evaluated. Please look by all means.



Call Of Sea PV

ぷにぷに電機さん新曲EDM「Call Of Sea」PVのイラストを描かせてもらいました!RemixはOsanziさんです。ちょっとホラーな雰囲気の走り出しからビシバシ重厚感ある曲と美声。オリジナリティあるし、すげえかっこええし、エフェクトも深淵の海中の雰囲気がとてもよいしで、キャラを動かしたくなるわ~。

Snow Girl

snow_girl16snow_girl14Snow Girl



Photoshop Illust Anime
I put a motion to the illustrations.
Snow Falling/3dsmax
Composite/after effects

short cut hair

“Short cut hair”was get the wall of fame star DrawCrowd.Thank you everyone! ウォールスターゲット!ありがとう!
「short cut hair」は2015年7月の習作です。DrawcrowDにてどなたかが最近プロモートしてくれたおかげで再び日の目をみました。布石はどんどん放っておこう。